Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skoulaman - Without boundaries

Great electronic live jam by Skoulaman:


I found this beauty setting of the Waldorf Q. Its a nice sample of a full resonant opened filter'(notch). It is controlled by the Moog Little Phatty (by the arpeggiator and the modulation wheel) and the funny thing is that although the Moog isn't velocity sensitive the keys are and it works perfect for other velocity sensitive MIDI instruments. Its sends also polyfonic. I tweaked some Juno 106 noise together with the Moog sequence.

The solo pieces are from the Concertmate MG-1 and the DS8. The pads came from my favorit DS-8 and a low string sound from the Korg 05r/w. In opposite is the string and e-piano sound from the Lamda. All processed with Lexicon, Yamaha, Ibanez, Alesis and Electrix effects. It is best listened with good audio gear then you here the rich harmonics of the Waldorf, I filmed and recorded everything live without overdubs (I mostly don't use that).

More info:

Also, please notice that AKS (Attorks, Keesvangelis and Skoulaman) will go live on stage for the first 27-10-2012. See the teaser preview of this exciting performance:

Visit for more information, the EM music festival in the Netherlands. 

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