Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ran Kirlian - Formations and Mystical Veils

Ran Kirlian released his latest album Formations, a masterwork that combines space and tribal ambient based on live improvisations.

This album defines a journey to the core of Ran Kirlian's tribal-ambient landscapes prevously visited on albums like Sleeper, Melting Point and Limbo. With a continuous flow of expansive and complex soundscapes accompanied by subtle melodies and tribal grooves, this album conforms an excellent immersive process in to the electro-acoustic tribal flavours of Ran Kirlian musical career.

Most of the music of  Formations is based on live improvisations subjected to a large evolutionary process, including the high privilege of counting with the ambient master Max Corbacho on the final mastering process.

The track of the next video, Aerthanna, is one of the pieces included in Formations, the new album of Ran Kirlian. The video version, published in september 2009, is a live improvissation and is mostly the same version included in the album, capturing the fresh and primordial essence of a raw creative process.

Formations is now available at Altera Orbe in CDr (limited edition), FLAC and MP3 formats. Also, as a special offer until November 5, the purchase of Formations comes with the mini-album Mystical Veils (Woomh Series 1), the first volume in the Woomh Series. It is an EP that collects 3 electronic pieces recorded live in 2009 in a different style Ran Kirlian music uses to be, with pulsating sequences and textures, a bit away from classical ambient genres.

The Woomh Series is a special product line which items are presented in mini-albums formats, containing unique, strange and isolated musical passages from the artists belonging to Altera Orbe or even special guests. 

This is a preview of Formations album:

Ran Kirlian - Formations (preview) by Ran Kirlian

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