Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Arjen Schat | Ambient Recording Process

A great demostration of the recording process of an excellent ambient soundscape:

A demonstration of my ambient recording process at Infraklang. I use a complex routing on my Allen & Heath ZED 436 to feed the signal from the Moog Little Phatties and DSI Prophet '08 to the effects and back to a bus to feed the combined signal to my audio interface to process it realtime through Logic Pro's phaser and silververb.

The synthesizers are sequenced with Renoise + ESI M8UXL and are routed through an array of effects: Moog MF-103 and MF-104Z, Maxon AD999, T-Rex Room-mate and a Vermona PH-16.

More info of Arjen Schat:

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