Saturday, October 20, 2012

Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell - Morphogenic (DiN41)

Morphogenic (DiN41) by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell is now available for purchase on CD via the DiN web store. Also, available for purchase as a digital download via the DiN Bandcamp store.

Morphogenic sees a new collaborative project on the DiN label, although the name of Parallel Worlds should be familiar to DiN aficionados due to the two solo albums Obsessive Surrealism (DiN26) & Shade (DiN32) as well as the more recent collaboration with DiN label boss Ian Boddy on Exit Strategy (DiN37). Dave Bessell is, of course, a new artist to join the DiN roster, although his name should be familiar to lovers of analogue electronica due to his contribution to the almost legendary band Node. One of the four founder members of this group, Dave is also joined on the track Heterodyne by Ed Buller the world renowned producer and master of the art of sequencing large vintage modular synths.

Video for track 'Corruption', from the CD album Morphogenic (DiN41) by Parallel Worlds and Dave Bessell. (out on DiN on 30th of October) :

"For the gearheads: most drums are synthetic, made on the A100/Eurorack modular with analogue sequencers and vco's of course. in detail, Plan B model 15's passed thru Make Noise QMMG lowpass gates.... plus various analogue scapes (Serge, various analogue synths, etc) of course... the orchestral strings ( heavily processed though) come from an old Roland S750 Sampler. even a little bit of NI Reaktor is in the track. plus heavy processing with Ableton Live."

Via Matrixsynth

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