Friday, September 14, 2012

Steve Brand - Sunprints

Sunprints is the latest album from Steve Brand, a rerelease from a previous work originally released in 2010 and now released on Relaxed Machinery, Bandcamp on hisown Pioneer Light Music label.

In Steve Brand's words: "Sunprints is comprised of 4 long, quiet and sometimes intimate atmospheres focused around nature. Sunprints is dedicated to my mentor, Nadja, and accomplished with kora, zither, kalimba, shakers, bells, cymbals, gongs, conch, bone, cane and cedar flutes, didgeridoo, whistles voice, accordion, gutterphone, field recordings and keyboards. The final track, Sunprints, was created just for this 2012 re-release." 

Available now on CDBaby and Bandcamp!. More information at Relaxed Machinery

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