Friday, September 21, 2012

Bruno Sanfilippo Piano Textures 3 V

Bruno Sanfilippo releases Piano Textures 3, a follow up of his piano based soundcapes series.

In words of John Koch-Northrup, main driver of Relaxed Machinery label and a great Bruno's fan, this album can be described as follows: "Piano Textures 3 is lyrical and beautiful. Bruno has such precision, control, and technical mastery of the piano that he's able to focus solely and be one with the music."

"The piano is truly an extension of him, his feelings, his thoughts. He's not "trying" to convey feeling, the feeling flows naturally from Bruno to the listener.  Nothing is forced, all is where it should be. Piano Textures 3 lives and breathes. I highly recommend Bruno Sanfilippo's work. With Piano Textures 3 - he takes the next step in his musical evolution. I'm loving this chapter, and can't wait for the next."

Piano Textures 3 by Bruno Sanfilippo
Piano Textures 3 is now available in CD at ad21music and in FLAC/MP3 formats at Altera Orbe and other sites like Bandcamp, iTunes y Amazon. There is also included in a limited edition box with volumes 1 and 2 named Piano Textures BoxSet. This boxset is a collector's limited edition of 100 units signed and numbered  and contains three Digipack CDs (Piano Textures 1, 2, 3) and a postcard. Its price is €38,50 including worldwide shipping.

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