Sunday, September 16, 2012

Landru - Fimbria

Landru has just released Fimbria, his second ambient album on the netlabel Altera Orbe.

Fimbria is the latest exploration of Landru into ambient realms, a step forward into complex textures and vibrating grooves from a very personal perspective. The tracks collected in this album presents a priscine production and a deep development on te creation of textures, loops and unique sounds, intrinsic factors in the music of Landru.

Beyond that, Fimbria represents the fragile equilibrium between the most intriguing and dark sequences and the sublime light coming from cinematic pads arising from background subterranean drones. Fimbria is filled with organic sounds varying from aquatic noises to dark aerial pads, from geomorphic rhythms to calm and silent landscapes.

Fimbria is available now in limited edition CDR, FLAC and MP3 formats in Altera Orbe. More info at

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