Friday, February 15, 2013

Foundations of Synthesis Series by The Bob Moog Foundation

Marc Doty, aka AutomaticGainsay, presents a deep journey around synthesis theory and synthesizers workflow on this series of videos for The Moog Foundation

Playlist includes the following episodes:
  1. The Synthesis of Synthesis
  2. The Synthesis of Synthesis- Sound 
  3. The Synthesis of Synthesis- The Hammond Novachord
  4. Foundation of Synthesis- Oscillator Introduction
  5. Oscillators- Pulse Width Modulation
  6. Filter- Introduction
  7. Filter- Cutoff Control 
  8. Filter-Voyager Serial Resonance
  9. Control Voltage Explanation Part 1
  10. Control Voltage Explanation Part 2
  11. The Amp Introduction
  12. The ARP Envelope Follower
  13. Designing Timbres- Introduction
  14. Designing Timbres: Major/Minor Chord
  15. Designing Timbres: Duality 
Via Matrixsynth

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