Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mindglide - Down the Light

Spanish ambient label Altera Orbe recently released Down the Light, a gorgeous space ambient work full of nostalgic and beautiful melodies surrounded by a complex universe of synthetic sounds created by Mindglide. This is the first album by thespanish ambient artist, which was recorded back in 2007 and now remastered and rebuilt for this new digital release.

In Mindglide's words:

Down the light is my first electronic music album, a work free of all standards and prejudices, an intimate feeling converted in to the music that approaches me to the cosmos, my  primal roots. It is inspired by the contemplation of landscapes where light writes the history of the universe throughout its existence, traveling in all directions through space and time and showing us the great spectacle of creation. A landscape of infinite magnificence, where everything is part of life.

Down The Light album_Medley by mindglide

Mindglide is the electronic musical project behind Rafael De Julián, an independent artist born in Valencia, Spain, with a deep influence from  electronic music, progressive rock and jazz. He started studying and creating music in the early 90’s attracted by synthesis and sequencing as a way of composing and developing his ideas with the main objective of evoking rich and deep feelings onto listeners.

More info about Mindglide at Altera Orbe and his website.

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