Saturday, November 3, 2012

Antonio Blanca - Dron-E

Antonio Blanca just released Dron-E a new Reaktor ensemble based granular synthesis specialised in creating ambient, generative, abstract and cinematic soundscapes and drones.

Dron-e contains flexible parameters and controls for creating everything from delicate atmospheres to complex walls of sound. Included is a custom created sound bank of acoustic and synthetic instrument and field recordings designed specially for Dron-e , but you can load your own and venture into unknown sonic territories. In addition to the pre-established modulators and controls. it's possible to use your own modulators built in Reaktor such as sequencers or break-point envelopes using the EXT option,as well as MIDI/OSC signals to further shape your sounds. Notice that the video demos are from betatesters when Dron-E was only a prototipe yet, so it looks a bit different:

"Dron-e is brilliant. Perfect for creating the sonic mayhem soundscape, it's a must have ensemble"  Music Composer for Mass Effect 3, Tron Evolution, Borderlands series, Quake series, Prototype and many more"...

The result is an impressive sonic sculturing tool to create massive textures and complex soundworlds with a estonishing sound quality. It is also quite fun to manage with the classic Blanca minimalistic style interface, which is pretty intuitive.

Dron-E comes with a collection of 132 gorgeous presets (snapshots) based on acoustic and synthetic instruments and field recordings created by Antonio Blanca and artists such as Anthony Distefano, Bronto Scorpio and pnortnaomi who also shared sounds and even complete tracks in their Soundcloud accounts. Here some audio demos by Blanca:

DRON-E Snapshots by A-B

Dron-E is available for free download via Antonio Blanca’s website and requires Native Instruments Reaktor 5.7 (full version is required in order to use this instrument without restrictions).

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